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The Kingdom


Kerry in south west Ireland is call the Kingdom and it is a title it richly deserves. I recently spent a week just outside Portmagee, near Valentia Island on the Iveragh Peninsula home of the famous Ring of Kerry. It is an amazing part of Ireland especially when you get the weather.

The Skelligs

We did a bit of walking but not much bird photography. However did get some nice shots of Ringed Plover and some nice Orchids. Saw some Otters - mother and 3 kits. They were not close enough to get nice photos though.

Ringed Plover
  • Wicklow Head

    Things are getting hectic on Wicklow Head. All the auks are pairing up and getting ready for egg laying. Still congregating in large number on the water and rock, they have not quite settled down to tending eggs yet